I'm all ears for your ideas

Ahoy, Piping Shrike here. You might know me from such things as official government crests and your license. But I also stand on the state flag representing bravery and resourcefulness. What? Did you think I was just standing in front of that yellow circle to look splendid? It’s why BankSA hired my face to be the face of ‘Let’s Do This’.

Since South Australia was born, the good people of this state have pumped out world-changing genius like an idea-sausage factory. And I should know, I've been at the metaphorical Bung Fritz mincer, inspiring them all to glory.

Now I'm looking for the next big brain idea to get behind, one that will make South Australia even better. I mean, it's currently pretty perfect but being the restless inspiration ignitor that I am, I think it could be perfector.

So I'm putting it to you, South Australian legend. If you have an idea to make the best state in the world in Australia even better, then I'm all-ears.

I mean my little idea of a schnitzel vending machine is pretty good (and I'll probably just make that anyway) but I know you can top that.

If you've got the Mall's Balls to tell us your big idea, then, me and my mates at BankSA might just take it and make it really real, for you, and your fellow South Australians to revel in.

No, no. Thank YOU! Now please, enter your name and blah blah below and tell us that big, brilliant, genius idea of yours.

Let's do this!

Submit your idea and it could be made a reality!

Terms & Conditions:
Ideas are to be submitted through banksa.com.au/pipingshike in the ideas generator. Ideas will be reviewed by BankSA. The idea must be your own idea and not someone else's. Not all ideas are guaranteed to be brought to life. Person(s) submitting ideas will not own intellectual property rights over idea submitted, but will be notified if their idea is brought to life. If your idea is brought to life, you do not win or gain anything in any way from having your idea brought to life. BankSA will not make any profits from any ideas brought to life. BankSA reserves the right to end campaign at any time without notice.